[Test]Cut Flower Care

  • Use a clean vase with room temp water. Filtered/dechlorinated is best.

  • Add powdered flower food to water and stir to dissolve.  Remove the binding wire before placing flowers in water.

  • Your flower stems were cut and wrapped immediately prior to delivery. Recut them only if the stems were allowed to dry out.

  • Remove any leaves below water line.

  • To prevent water damage on wooden surfaces, place your vase on a waterproof mat.
  • Recut stems one half inch every two days with sharp garden shears. Try to avoid crushing stems.

  • Cut flowers are thirsty! Check water level daily top it up.

  • Change water completely if it becomes cloudy. (That's bacteria!)

  • Remove wilted/decayed flowers over time to keep the remaining flowers fresh.

  • Keep flowers away from fresh fruit, vegetables or cigarette smoke. They all produce ethylene gas, which kills flowers.

  • Keep in a cool place. Avoid direct sunlight, heat registers, or any other source of excessive heat.

  • Never use flower food in crystal or metal containers as the acid in the flower food will react with metal (including the lead in crystal).

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